The Spiritual Healing College was founded in 2019 by
Rachael White

The Spiritual Healing College offers students an opportunity to become certified in Spiritual Healing modalities to forge a career as a spiritual practitioner and workshops for those wanting to explore spiritual topics for personal spiritual healing development and healing.

Your Instructor: Rachael White

Rachael White has been an Angel Healing Therapist for over a decade and has developed and refined the Angel Healing Therapy a spiritual healing system with the guidance of the Archangels. 

Rachael also developed the Archangel Aromatherapy prescriptions and vibrational medicine channelled with the Archangels and as a practitioner, Rachael has been able to refine this wonderful angelic healing system to teach others.


“Thank you so much, what you have done has changed my life forever in such a positive way. You have an amazing gift, and you use it with so much LOVE, I feel so honoured to have been able to experience this with you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

“I became incredibly curious on how I could improve my connection to my intuition which was like a loose cannon .... Sometimes I was on fire... On my total A game ...unstoppable. And other times complete emotional wreck ... I have learnt some incredible tools of protection and self- improvement which has given me so much more confidence personally and professionally! ”

“After gaining my confidence personally and professionally through the tools I have learnt from Rachael ... I have had further coaching sessions to improve my intuition gauged towards business!”

“Rachael has been INVALUABLE Part of my business growth! I'm reaching my business mile stones faster than ever before with no blockages My clients are so happy and so am I. Thanks Rachael! I'm forever grateful! ”

“Thank you so much for your coaching support. I can’t tell you how encouraging and clarifying your support and advice has been during this transformative time.”

“Rachael is an absolute gem and her down to earth, genuine approach. I am looking forward to working with her more in the future.”

“I feel fantastic. So clear and peaceful. Thank you so much.”

“You are amazing, and I really appreciate your sessions. It has brought such clarity to my life.”

“Thanks so much for your coaching support. I can’t tell you how encouraging & clarifying your support & advice are during a hugely transformative time.”


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“Thank you for a wonderful workshop. Brilliant to hear it so well put together & presented. Looking forward to rest of series.”

“Thank you for your brilliant workshops.”

“Just a note to say thank you so very much for suchhhhhh a warm, fascinating and validating afternoon. We all loved it and I’m very grateful for the new knowledge I have gained. I’ve learned so much in the past 2-3 years but your session today was a huge leap forward. Thanks again.”

“I attended the most incredible workshop yesterday and met Rachael White from Soulscented. Who is an incredible healer & teacher. The workshop Energetic & Emotional Healing using Essential Oils - I highly recommend it to anyone who is interested in learning more about the high vibrational power of essential oils & using them to bridge to our higher selves & heal emotionally & energetically. It was a profound experience for me & I’m so glad I took that leap of faith to learn about a topic I love on a deeper level. As an aromatherapist I know the power of healing through essential oils but with this extra depth of vibrational healing I know my formulations will be profoundly healing spiritually. The biggest takeaway- we all have the power within us to do this ourselves! ”

Wildflower Aromatherapy

“Thank you so much for your workshop. It has now changed my life. You are a beautiful angel. ”

AE, Syd

““The Angel Intuitive Therapist Certification Course has been transformational.” ”